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Robin Hobb Interview

Interview with Robin Hobb from 22:25 to 38:42 ;)


SEASON 2 EPISODE 18 - Leagues, Lovelies and Robin Hobb
We interview Robin Hobb. Ed reviews Twenty Trillion Leagues Under The Sea (by Adam Roberts) and Ninfa talks about Wicked Lovely (by Melissa Marr).

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Blocking out my legal name. ;) 

The first photo is a small portion of my Robin Hobb collection. 

The second photo is the first Robin Hobb book that I read. It was the second book in the Assassin’s Trilogy. I read it when I was a middle teen and it was a third hand copy by that point. As you can see it is ink stained, and it’s missing it’s front cover. It is much loved. It is my favourite possession. If my house caught on fire- this is what I would save apart from living creatures. Robin signed it “Wolves have no king”

The third photo is the final book from the Tawny Man Trilogy. No spoilers, but it’s the page where Fitz finds the fool at the end… >.> she signed it “Yes, I cried too!”

Bottom photo is a photo of her signing books. 

I have an intense emotional fondness for the Assassin’s - Liveship and Tawny Man Trilogies. Quite excited for the new Fitz book she’s coming out with. 

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